Cyber Security Training: Why Young Employees Require Special Attention

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Todd Crane


If you’re running a business and have young employees, you need to pay attention to the cyber security training you’re giving your team. According to a new study, many young people have normalized worrisome online behavior, including digital piracy and online trolling. Such behavior may not directly affect your business, but it can lead to security breaches and compromise your organization’s data security.

While we’re not talking about serious cyber crimes such as ransomware attacks or stealing data, it’s essential to realize that casual software piracy or illegal downloads on devices used for work could open the door to a massive security breach. In fact, the study found that one in three 16 to 19-year-olds have admitted to digital piracy, and a quarter have tracked or trolled someone online.

The normalization of these behaviors means that young people view them as a part of everyday life. This normalization is not something you want them to bring to work. Cyber security training for all your employees on a regular basis can help prevent this. This training should:

  • Highlight the impact of bad online behavior and potential for security breaches
  • Help everyone understand how this kind of activity can harm people – and your business
  • Make everyone aware of the scams and attacks that your business is vulnerable to, as well as the part they play in keeping everyone protected
  • Make the consequences clear for anyone found to be engaging in this behavior

Cyber security training can help young employees realize that such behaviors are illegal and can cause significant harm to the business. The training will also help them identify and report suspicious activity, making your organization more resilient against potential threats.

In conclusion, cyber security training is essential for all employees, but young employees require special attention. Regular training sessions will help prevent worrisome online behavior from becoming normalized, reduce the potential for security breaches, and protect your business. If you need expert help in providing cyber security training, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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