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When businesses trust us with their technology need, we take it seriously. These numbers are automatically generated by the system every week to hold us accountable, or in our case, show off.

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We have worked with thousands of amazing people

“We have had an excellent experience with [Gray Beard]. Fast responses and fixes to problems I had been using work arounds on for years. I’ve also never met anyone in this profession that is so confident and knowledgable about almost any IT and security question that I ask. Thank you!”

Alex Dean

“[Gray Beard Cyber] goes beyond expectations. Their rapid response time to service issues/calls are one of the best. Todd and his staff are most knowledgeable in every facet of old and new technology. There is nothing that they cannot do. I would highly recommend [Gray Beard] for any job, big or small. I guarantee you will be most satisfied with both the service and knowledge of this company.”

David Burton

“We have been working with [Gray Beard] for almost a year and they have always gone above and beyond to help us! We really appreciate all the insight and time they have given us. Thanks!”

Ben Zachary

“Todd and his team are awesome to work with, I can’t recommend them enough!”

James Breathitt

“Todd and his team really know their stuff. If you’re looking for an IT company that’s truly focused on cybersecurity and protecting your company’s data, while keeping business operations in mind, [Gray Beard Cybersecurity] is definitely worth talking to!”

Matt Weaver

“I so glad to partner with [Gray Beard] there team is top notch”

Carl de Prado

“Todd helped my husband with doing his Facebook page. He was very patient with my husband, who is technically challenged!! He explained everything in simple terms and was excellent!!”

Dolores & Jeff English

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